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20 January 2010 @ 09:25 am
Title: Never so much blood
Prompt: Blood
Pairing,Character(s): Quinn/Rachel
Rating: PG

The thick crimson blood pooled in her hands as she cupped them underneath her gushing nose. She hadn't seen it coming. She and the cheerleader had many fights in the past but they had never came to blows before. So when the blond's tight fist made contact with her face she hadn't really seen it coming. The wind was knocked out of her. The force of the hit had pushed her back making her lose her balance making her fall backwards onto the ground. There was an intense pain and then she felt the blood start to trickle down to her lips. She moved her hands up in a vain attempt to guard her new sweater from being ruined. She kept her eyes closed tight, tears still escaped and made their way down her redden cheeks.

The blond stood still, watching in horror as her impulsiveness made wreckage of the other girls face. "Oh my God." She said shakily. "Oh my God, Rachel." She bent down on her knees in front of the bleeding girl, placing her hand on her leg. "I didn't mean to do that. Are you okay?"

The feel of the blond's touch had jumped started her system bring her back into the painful present. "Do I look okay?"

"No, no of course not. That was a stupid question." The blond bit down on her lip trying to think of something she could do. "Here take my jacket." She said undoing the knotted sleeves from her hips. Taking the black Cherrio's jacket holding it up.

The brunette finally opened her eyes to see the black fabric being held in front of her face. She took one of her hands away from her nose, as she soon as she moved her hand blood split down onto her skirt. She was thankful in that moment that she wasn't squeamish around the sticky cooper smelling stuff poring out of her. She balled the jacket up and used it to soak up what her hands couldn't. "Thanks." She said her voiced muffled.

"Rachel I honestly didn't mean to do that." The Cheerleader said squeezing the brunette's thigh. She was scared. Scared she done permanent damage, she was afraid foolishness would affect the other girls singing. She'd never seen so much blood and it made her want to cry. "Rachel please I'm sorry."

"Okay it's alright." She said beginning to feel dizzy. "It's alright but I think I need to see the nurse quick, I think I'm going to throw up."

The blond shook her head and sprinted up onto her feet, bending down to help the girl up. Once she was standing the brunette put all her weight onto the other girl, laying her head on the blond's shoulder. "Come on I'll get you to the nurse." She said tightening her grip around the other's waist. "It'll be okay."